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Since the 1929 hotel opening, our local community has made use of our facilities for conferences,
weddings, and ceremonies. Although the guest rooms are of limited numbers, we have a wide
range of meeting rooms and banquet halls: 6 Japanese style banquet rooms with capacity of up to
250 people, and 5 western halls with room for up to 500 seated, or 800 standing.


The largest Japanese banquet hall can be used for various occasions.Staff take care the
guests with the finest service and hospitality.
(3F in west wing, 221 tatami mats, can be divided into two rooms)

A medium size room that can be used for entertainment parties, weddings, or memorial
ceremonies. Easy access to the guest rooms in the east wing and grand bath.
(2F in east wing, 60 tatami mats, can be divided into two rooms)

Can be used for entertaining customers, special gatherings and parties. Floor seating at
low tables and chairs matching the Japanese style interior.
(3F west wing, 42 mats each)

Largest banquet hall used for conferences, parties, and wedding receptions. Staff take
care the guests with finest service and hospitality.
(1F east wing, 640 square meters, can be divided into two rooms)

Quiet atmosphere suited to the serious meetings. Can be used for the lectures, seminars
and small buffet parties.
(1F east wing, 170 square meters, can be divided into two rooms)

Mainly used for guest breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can be flexibly used for wedding
receptions, exhibitions, and recitals.

This building was the Hagiwara family’s traditional country house in Enzan, known as
the origin of the warrior Takeda clan. With rustic wooden beams and open ceiling, is
quite attractive. Suitable to the weddings and cerebrations.

Please enjoy a relaxing coffee with a Japanese garden view. Can be used for private
meetings. The high windows lining the shop were created by the well-known stained
glass artist Tetsuro Yajima.

The main bar is located in the west corner at the entrance area,facing toward the
garden. It has a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy wine looking
at the moon reflecting in the water. You may enjoy viewing the fireflies in summer.
(1F West Wing)

We have a karaoke salon for those would like to have more fun after dinner. English
songs are available, too.
(2F West Wing)

We have variety of local products such as Yamanashi wine or "Koshu Inden”
(traditional lacquer design deer skin products). Local sweets, "Shingen-mochi" and
"Kurodama" are popular as well as our original homemade "Yuzunoka Kinoko Miso"
which is served for breakfast.


Tokiwa Hotel
2-5-21 Yumura, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 〒400-0073
Tel 055-254-3111 Fax 055-253-0691