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The traditional engagement ceremony is to celebrate the bond between two families through the
exchange the gifts between them. The word for this engagement ceremony consists of the characters
for bond (“結”) and give (“納”).
Originally, traditional engagements were conducted by the matchmaker or held at matchmaker's house,
but nowadays has became more casual. It is more common to have a meal together at a hotel or
restaurant and exchange engagement gifts. No matter how formal or casual the event, we will serve
with our best to make a good start for the both families and the happiest of weddings.
We offer various range of the gifts, meals, and rooms. There are some packages, too.
Please consult with the bridal section for more details.


パール 祝膳 10.000円(税別)コース   クリスタル 祝膳 8.000円(税別)コース

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