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Seasonal dishes with finest hospitality.
We can customize the meals to your preferences: from traditional Japanese to western style courses.
Tasting sample courses prior to your event is possible at a 50% discount.

We serve special dishes to celebrate the start of life together for newly
weds and their guests I bring my 40-years experience to bear to bring
you creations that you can enjoy with all your senses.
I look to arrange dishes prepared with seasonal local products to
enhance your memorable occasion.
All of our staff hope that you and your guests fully enjoy the cuisine
which we have developed over the course of our 80 year history.
The Executive Chef of Tokiwa Hotel Hideji Ono


Tokiwa Hotel
2-5-21 Yumura Kofu-shi Yamanashi 〒400-0073
Tel 055-254-3111 Fax 055-253-0691