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We arrange the rooms and atmosphere such into traditional, stylish, gorgeous, etc,
to suit the occasion, sometimes providing special entertainment as required.
Please feel free to make a reservation for a viewing and consultation.

This building was the Hagiwara family's traditional country house in
Enzan, known as the origin of the warrior Takeda clan. With rustic
wooden beams and open ceiling, is quite attractive. Suitable to
elegant and stylish weddings.
120 square meters, best for 20-40 people.

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Facing toward the garden and accessible directly from the garden.
It is always a surprise for the guests to see the bride and groom
enter from the garden. It is also possible to arrange for a cocktail
reception in the garden.
1F of east building.
250 square meters, best for 40-100 people.
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Largest banquet hall for wedding receptions - this is graceful and
refined, suitable for a luxurious party. The staff will care for your
guests with the finest service and hospitality.
1F east building.
640 square meters, can be divided into two rooms.
Holds 350 people seated.
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Spectacular view of the garden from panoramic windows. On a sunny
day, the World Heritage site Mt. Fuji may also celebrate the wedding.
May have floor seating at low tables and chairs matching the
Japanese style interior.
3F west building.
42 mats each, best for 10-40 people.
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