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Tokiwa Hotel Privacy Policy

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■On our hotel website, personal information will be held in the strictest confidence.

■ Definition of personal information
Any information given to us by an individual (“Individual”) via our website, such as name,
date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. (“Personal Information”).

■ Handler of Personal Information
1.Naofumi Suzuki (site administrator), Management Planning Division, Tokiwa Hotel Co., Ltd.

■ Use of Personal Information
1.Personal Information will not be disclosed or given to third-parties without the agreement by
  the Individual.
2.Personal Information will not be used for purposes other than in relation to the hotel website
  operation without the agreement by the Individual.
3.Personal information will not be used for solicitation unrelated to this website.

* We may provide Personal Information to public agencies such as law enforcement or courts if required
by law. Notification to the Individual will be made if possible if such notification is allowed prior to or
following such provision.

■ Contact from Tokiwa Hotel
In principle, communication with the Individual by the hotel will be via email.

■ Change, deletion or confirmation of registered Personal Information
For request of changes or deletion of registered Personal Information, the Individual should
contact info@tokiwa-hotel.co.jp.

■ Hotel Contact Email Address
Tokiwa Hotel yumura@tokiwa-hotel.co.jp


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